Maryam Safa - Artist

"Painting and art
have a special place in my heart..."

An Iranian woman who lives in Denmark. Yes this is me! I started to paint at the age of nine and my father was my encouragement. Because my father was a painter and I received all my love for painting from my dad.

I graduated art school in last 4 years of my high school, and I decided to design children's books, and I was very successful in that. The worlds of children are full of beautiful colors and unparalleled emotions.

Since I came to Denmark, I attended many international exhibitions in Denmark and France, and that opened new doors for me into the painting world.

Painting and art have a special place in my heart, and I love all colors. I believe that my artwork represents so much meaning, and I always believe that people, who is interested in my art, can get my meaning or create their own.